Thursday, June 25, 2009

Debbie Downer Day

I was sitting here thinking about how salty my tears were, slobbery faced,
and, yikes, it has been a while, hasn't it..
So I go to open this email that has little recipe things but I only open them to read
the little quotes which are usually really cute.
Today's Quotes Were

When you get into a fight with a bear, you don't get tired until the bear gets tired.
Coleman Young
Only fitting, I s'pose.
Today I was told I have a brain anuerysm.
I've discovered MRI's and MRA's, and needle happy people that scare me. I can tell you I have had a crippling headache for days on end. I can also tell you that I'm gonna eat the hell out of some gluten when I get over this mess. (Turns out my sickness was never a gluten allergy.)
I think I'm supposed to see a neurosurgeon tomorrow. I'm not even sure; my husband is in change of all the doctor stuff. I did yell out while he was on the phone with her that I should get a mandatory supply of valium with any news like that and, Wee, my wish be granted.
Is that how to spell Wee.. Like the Wee when you get pushed on a swing,
not the wee my kids do in the pool. I just blew my nose on my shirt. There are no tissues in here and I'd have to drag my ass downstairs, so the shirt is making do. And it doesn't actually bother me to say the fact out loud. I'm too old to care about snot on a shirt, I guess. Or maybe it's just that I feel like shit.
Mind you, snot on jeans would be a completely different story.
Sorry I haven't been blogging. Frankly, I've just not been well. Please hang in there and wait for me to be back to my old self soon. :).
(It'll happen. And I'll be funny again.) much love, yours truly
oh, hey, today's my 100th post! um.. yeah. lovely.

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  1. Oh Kat. I don't even know you but wish I could give you a hug. Thanks for stoping by my blog today so that I could then discover yours. Wishing you lots of courage, humor and grace during this ordeal :)
    I hate this particular emoticon but I'm going to have to do it: