Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thought Train

I was driving this morning & thinking about stuff. Stupid stuff and some non-stupid.
Like, before I was driving I was pulling hair out of my mouth, and it's because I fix the girls hair with my cup of coffee between my knees, and I guess when I brush, the hairs come off and then I halfway eat them later.
And while I was driving I could see the border collie that lives at that corner from half a mile ahead just waiting to chase a car, and I was the next car, but when I slowed and looked at that border collie, I noticed it was not the usual one, but one with freckles, and it reminded me of a dog I had a million years ago, and clearly I'm unafraid of a run on sentence. The dog grew irritable with age and I gave that dog to my father after my other dog had stitches. My brother took a stray to my fathers house and the dog with freckles took his eye out. He just didn't care too much for dogs.
But it made me think of a million years ago, and how long ago that really feels and how part of me had changed. I used to say that the girl inside you never changes, you only get older and wiser. I guess sometimes you just feel tired, not just physically, but mentally too. My inner girl is tired. There's good and bad in that. The good is that I'm tired of wanting things. I've gotten over ideals or too lofty dreams, and now I'm left only wanting things I know I can attain. Wording it that way may make it seem dismal, but it's actually a relief. Let me reword it.
I know that I can have everything I want and I have simplified the list to make it so.
The bad in tired is that I too often pass up things like Uno marathons or eating inside the Capt'n D's (which the girlies love & believe to be a 'real' restaurant) because delegating what I have to do or remember can become a chore that takes up too much of my mental space. (Do you get that?)
Moving on. We drove to Kentucky, and passed through hundreds of interstate miles, laden with McD's and Arby's with other random crap thrown in. Hotels and crap on every exit. I stared at the Ramada signs and I felt confused. Would it be too much to ask for Ramada to add a franchise Indian restaurant to the side of all their hotels? If they want it to seem more American, they could call it Ramada Grill or something. I marveled at what a great idea I had, wishing that I could just phone it in. Mulligatawny Soup every third exit.
Then I thought about how my mother calls the interstate the freeway, and I like it that she does that. And then, that Toni Price song, Freeway, and how much I loved it.
Maybe I should dig that out & listen to it again. And I thought about how much effort it is to capitalise every single I, but once you capitalise two, you're pretty commited to following through with all of them. And I don't know if capitalise has a S or a Z, but I think you know what I mean.
I thought about how my latest Hayhouse book review is due here but I haven't started the book yet. Today probably.
My phone just made the Facebook buzz, and now i'm thinking about how I wish I could remember to turn off things like Facebook and Poynt on my phone because it sucks the life out of it.
I'm thinking about Google Analytics and how in the past two weeks one third of my blog readers dropped off the radar. Homeschoolers, probably :). (Just kidding!) Most of the people who arrive here through a search are still looking for Toilet Seat Alarms. I love it. I thought about how strange Google analytics is, and how it tells me cities and even countries of readers who stop in. The sheer boredom of blog readers but also the kind gestures of people who will read about hair in your coffee and still come back. Somebody in New York stops in- who are you?
I imagine the person eating a sandwich. Maybe it's a bald guy selling stuff in a cubicle. Maybe it's a mom who also eats hair in her coffee.
I bet you think todays blog is about you, don't you. Don't you? (I'm terrible). Ah, don't fret.
But I have to throw in that a wise guru once said, "Those of you who do not sing, must be playing with your own ding-a-ling." Yikes.
And then I thought about how the songs on the side may be leaving, but it's hard for me to part with them. At the same time, I have to hear the beginning of the first song over and over, and just like you, I have to hit the pause button to reread the blog when I edit it, and maybe that's not a good thing. Poor Chuck Berry.
I thought about how our latest family thing is watching AdventureTime With Finn & Jake (Cartoon Network, Mon 8pm) My husband & kids have adopted this as their new favorite show, and we sit, piled on one couch watching. On an old paisley couch. Even if you don't have kids, the show is pretty brilliant. For a cartoon. I mean, just so simple and dumb, that it's brilliant.

& now I'm just thinking about how that hairy coffee is starting to make me jittery and I need to hit the granola before I start sweating.
Later :)

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