Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last night Steven walks up to the loft and looks at me.
You must get another chair, he says. You look like one of those little old ladies driving a big truck, the ones that can't see over the steering wheel. Ha. I had a metal folding chair, but it migrated, and now there's the blue meshie lawn chair. A chair is a chair, I'm okay. It serves it's purpose.
Unlike the book ledge on the treadmill.
Today I went to a garden & saw the biggest Allister Stella Gray I've ever seen in my life. Lucky, because I have that one sitting in a pot on the drive, and now I know it needs 10-12 feet. Giddy to see it. Also, I decided against waiting another year for David A.'s Claire Austin. Seriously, three years and still no luck? I have the hole dug already & I give up. I bought Ducher instead. I bet she'll be better. I should be out in the excruciating heat digging holes as we speak. I'm working myself up to it. Wedge of watermelon, then out the door...Soon.
In high school, they gave everyone this test to see what you should go to college for, it was a scan-tron thing and you filled out pages of random questions. When mine came back, it said
Farmer. I had a good laugh, reading about the agricultural college it suggested I apply for.
Now I think maybe the test may have been in the ballpark.
But maybe not. Either way, I just have an affinity with the plants, each as individuals; they have an energy and I think oddly sometimes they are happy to see me; they are like silent friends.
Like you.
but better. ;).

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