Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mainstream Commercial vs. Independent Film

Hello! Welcome back!
Or just welcome. I don't know.
Yesterday I read several blogs. A few of them had giant lists of Followers, tons of advertising.
I kept reading the things hoping for some tidbit of a human presence behind the blog, just some sort of connection. I couldn't connect.
No offence to bloggers out there, I don't connect well with people in general. But sometimes when a blog is 99% product reviews and tiny buttons all over the place, you feel a bit like you're reading a magazine, but with all the articles torn out, and you're left with the pages on kitchen countertops and pull ups. Zip lock bags. (Hence my Egg review from yesterday :) just having a little fun)...
On the Mommy Blog Clubs, there are these large groups, with names like

You Follow Me & I'll Follow You!
But to me it seems that following a group of several hundred blogs just for the sake of numbers could result in my losing the blogs I do follow, blogs I love. Do you sanctify a blog to increase your own following? Do these people actually read all those blogs? I don't know.
I do think it would be funny to have one of those giveaway contests, but only with fun things (like soap on a rope. a tape measure. an old book they'd in turn have to put in a giveaway of their own...) but I'm too busy for that now.
If you do see the Children International banner at the bottom of the page, this isn't just some random advertising. I'm actually a sponsor. My family got one of those emails years ago where they show the malnurished little kid and talk about the need for sponsorship. I clicked on the link & we decided to sponsor a child in the Philippines. A year later, we decided to sponsor a second child, in Africa. We sponsor girls, only because often if a family can only afford to send one child to school, they choose the boy. In most countries, schooling isn't free. Not only do the children have to pay for tuition, there's also uniforms, textbooks, supplies.
I'm not wealthy. I'm actually far from it. My 13 year old jeep cherokee makes rumbling banging noises when I pick up the kids, and we laugh about it while our hair blows away from the windows open (No AC!). But we do have a jeep. And I've found that sponsoring a family that would not have the money to send a child to school otherwise makes me more grateful for what I do have.
I also feel that Gratitude is a loop, the energy of gratitude from a family across the world, our own gratitude when we flip a lightswitch; it goes and comes back. It lifts you up. My life has improved in every way possible. I think this sponsorship has a lot to do with it.
At Christmas, I sent them money for a new roof.
A few months later, I found I had enough money to get my own leaky roof patched.
Sponsorship costs $22/month. Less than dining once at a cheap Mexican restaurant with two adults & two kids. It's entirely tax deductible.
One interesting thing I've found about this charity? You can actually send your sponsor child/family boxes, and they send you photos of the child with the items- or wearing the items you've sent. I sent 18 books to Africa (yikes, shipping books costs more than buying the books!) but I'd never seen my sponsor child so happy with any box as that one. (If you'd like to send books, but can't sponsor a child, leave a comment & I can give you the Community center address).
When you sit your ass down on your toilet with the door closed, are you thankful you have a toilet? Are you thankful for the door? Could you be more thankful? Anyway, it doesn't cost anything to look at the site.
If you ended up here obviously you have some time on your hands. :P.
My little blog is just that, a little blog. Not flashy or high tech.
It's a purging of thoughts for me, my confessional. If you connect in some way, cool.
If you don't, that's fine too. But hopefully it will remain as it always has been- a reader.
have a cool day~ yours truly

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