Monday, April 27, 2009

A Kat Lee Reader First! A Review!

Ah, yikes. The times, they are a changin. For two years here, I've kept a blog. It's been my own secret garden, unvisited, unfound, unkempt. Then, I discovered other blogs. Yes, I became a blog reader. I also became a blog follower. Coming back to my boring blog, I decided to put it on a Mommy Blog site to be reviewed.
"More color! The charcoal gray is too drab. More pictures." That was the response. What the Mommies didn't know is that I'd already thought I added more color, and that color was, um, charcoal gray. (Going from black, which I kinda liked.)
Now a fruity blue, I don't know if I'm totally diggin it. Perhaps I'm not that bright & shiney a person. Perhaps I always thought the writing was colorful enough. I added a counter & the ever useful Google Analytics. Approximately 5 people visit everyday. Fortunately this is four more than I thought. Welcome :D!
But the time suck that has become my secret blog had me for too long this morning, hence my review-

Too Hard Boiled Eggs

Yep, we hard boil eggs here, a couple times a week. Everybody snacks on em. Could be worse.
Today that long ass blog below (See Recycling for Science, Not Crack) had me sitting at the computer for an hour. After I'd put the eggs to boil. And then I read blogs for over 30 minutes more. Suddenly, I remembered the eggs, ran down, and discovered half the water boiled away, and a half dozen eggs hot in the wee pan. I'd forgot to set the timer.
One of the eggs was cracked, and this is my brave review of such egg, for you, kind reader.

The egg was cracked, so I could already see it was slightly different looking- the white was a bit too yellow, but it felt the same as any old hand boiled egg, so I sliced in two and shook a little sea salt in my egg hand. The egg was the same texture, but just a tad bit off. Smoked, maybe? Not rotten, but just slightly different.
There you have it. You can boiled hard boiled eggs for two hours til the water's about gone, and they are still mostly edible.
My arm's hurting today. Too much blogging? Hmmm. Hope it's not Lyme Disease...

Thanks for dropping in :)

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