Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Things Dr Oz makes us do

I've been thinking about this for awhile, a long while, but not really discussed it. Here "it" is.
Last year, Dr Oz said,

"If you can read through your pee, you are drinking enough water."

What does this mean exactly? Call me simple minded (it's really okay-I know it already :(. Wasn't it me that went to the Israel Palestine class and ask why the holocaust survivors didn't just get a Hawaiian island? Yikes. So, yep, I know. But I'm learning new things everyday. Bare with me...)
So does this mean that Dr Oz is suggesting we put some sort of reading material in the toilet and pee a top it? And due to the toilet bowl full of water, people are going to be able to read through their urine regardless, won't they? I mean, well, even if you're pee is yellow, it's still going to be clear yellow; like looking through a stained glass window so to speak. :)

Perhaps it was a sly way of getting folks to pee on newspaper as a joke, saying we are all getting enough water anyway? Dr Oz, you dirty boy, I know laughter & visualization are good for your health, but to gets yours this way? Surely not.

Though he didn't mention a toilet or the fact that the clear toilet bowl water would be diluting the pee, so he may have indeed intended for this do be done outside, camp style.

If this is the case, I don't think I'm gonna do it.
But ever since Oprah's doc has repeatedly mention reading through your urine, I've wondered about trying it. When I go to flush, there's a part of my mind that now says,"Could I read through that?"

I'd love to hear about any of your experiences with this. Anybody out there tried it?

Speaking of pee, we went to the IMAX in Chattanooga with the girls Sunday. Sat middle center for Grand Canyon 3D. Shanna & I had to make everyone get up to go potty but it was too late.

The shows before and after were both sold out, so I feel for whoever had to sit in ShannaBelle's seat. Her words were,

"It was just too much water!"

If your spouse is an avid white water kayaker (like Steven) , this'll be right up their alley. It's a paddling video!
Speaking of my man, he's injured again! He was riding a downhill trail and a couple miles in, he tried to jump his tires on these little bumpy places in the trail, and his bike got off trail and flew into a tree. He was wearing a helmet, so he's mentally sound. All his teeth are still in place. This time its bruises & road rash, along with an nasty impalement into his right knee. He's crazy glued it back together and resting it with ice whenever possible.

The limp isn't too bad. I made a joke about the luck of it being the right leg, as he shattered his left ankle during a fall while rock climbing, so it offsets it a bit. He doesn't appreciate my rare form of humour. Also, he wouldn't like me saying "injured again." But if anyone needs info on how long dislocated shoulders or cracked ribs take to heal, you can feel free to email us :)

I wish the extreme sport thing would run its course. Maybe he could take up crossword puzzles. If you know him, then we both know better.

I hope everyone is doing great! Much love to you all & have a cool day ~ Kat

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