Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cap'N Crunch

We're running late, I've fixed hair, found socks for everybody, and laced shoes, I'm signing things and looking for homework...Don't forget you have to pay for the yearbook today, she tells me, so I dig for money. On the way out the door, I stop at the coffee maker. Coffee, Toffee nut creamer, a dash of Reddiwhip. The little munchkin opens and like clockwork, the end of the reddiwhip goes into her mouth. I aim it in there, then point to Naomi. She passes.
"We're running late! Are you addicted to coffee?" Hmmm. I do believe that some people are addicted to coffee. My husband is one, knocking out a heaping 6 cups a day- and those are double strength at that. And I know the stories about people having to have the caffeine, yadda, yadda. I'm not addicted to coffee.
I'm addicted to making my bed in the mornings, the same everytime. I'm addicted to buying used furniture on Craigslist, and if it's in some town I've never heard of, even better. (I love old furniture. Love. Not necesarily antique furniture...just quirky used stuff.) I hate matching colors, "berry blue colored walls, orange tile = good. yellow walls orange tile = bad!" but love symmetry. I'm addicted to Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm- I adore him...if you haven't seen this show, buy the box set and watch from the beginning. He's magically delicious.

I can get lost watching the turtles in the pond, mainly because you barely see a turtle. You literally have to stand there completely silent unmoving for 5 minutes before one will pop his head up, then it goes back down. Because of the overflow of turtles, this new turtle watching thing could also become addictive.
But no, I'm not addicted to coffee. Nope. It's that Coffee is a laxative and I'm addicted to an easy shit.
(Yikes! I'm getting a little free with my typing. I should probably censor myself better! The other day Steven was reading my blog- you know, the one where I spoke of his, um, package- and he says, "I can't believe you wrote this!" & I tell him it's my private blog, no one reads it.
"It's on the internet, anyone can read it!" but they don't. I feel I'm pretty okay to purge my thoughts. They really aren't that interesting. And if people start from the beginning, my really suckie poetry would have made them click me gone anyhow)
Isn't a blog just a diary? I should be painting instead.
The amish guy is supposed to be here today to finish the tile. How much of a people pleaser am I? So much so, when I hear the amish guy pull up in the drive, I turn the tv off. Makes me look more...amish? How ridiculous is that? ha.
I'm almost out of Cap'N Crunch Berries. This morning I was eating my CrunchBerries, and I knew I wanted to write about it. There's something very cool about abbreviating Captain to Cap'n. I'm rambling. I'd better go do something constructive with my day.
Much love, yours truly :)

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