Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Folks Turd Be Ten Flies Palace - Kat Lee

My father once told me I never had anything interesting to say. Probably not the worst of what he said during that phone call, but at the time, it made me cry.

I never had anything interesting to say. What if it were true?
What constitutes interesting? How do you get there? Education? Travel? Was this a finger pointing out all the things I lacked in myself, is that why it hit such a nerve? And all the dreams that fall away, afterwards, when you're sitting there with your handful of rocks, what are you saying if you have said nothing interesting? Did Johnny Cougar really sum it up when he said,
"Life goes on, long after the thrill of living goes on?"

Was this 'nothing interesting' based on things like me talking about breakfast cereal, or the candle I bought on sale? The thing I found under the couch?
Maybe the idea that I have nothing interesting to say is not a flaw in me, but a gift. I'm lucky that I can enjoy my cap'n crunch, my $2 candle. Let me be thankful for tiny things in day to day life. One folks turd be ten flies palace.
We aren't here to be interesting. Interesting is a seldom shared point of view.
Interesting is not and never will be a requirement.
Interested is.

There you have it, my quote for the day. For all the uninteresting people who stumble across me today, it's okay. Maybe you feel like a rock today. I know that you're really a geode, sparkly and shiny on the inside.
Spill your guts! (I couldn't resist that one...)

Have a sweet day...kat

ps. can you tell I've spent the afternoon hauling
big ass rocks from one side of my yard to the other?
hence todays rock theme...

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