Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey there!
Yeah, I said i'd blog more, and I guess I lied.
I think the brackets that they used to close up my skull on that off kilter side interrupted the way I recept ideas a little. Something with Orbs and Globes and Skulls and Planets being Round. The Sun is Round.
The Buddha is Round. Wee little cells are Round.
Squirrelly cheeks are round, when they got a nut in em.

Nah. I'm just uninspired.
And really when you discover all the interesting news I have, you'll probably agree.

So I went to the grocery store, which is outrageous, going to the gro? expensive.
I'm seriously considering building a little chicken coop so I can have free eggs.
Bees and Chickens soon, probably. Also, we're going to plant another row of blueberries, which will make 18. And replace the pecan tree the deer killed. Again. And maybe fence the one they didn't kill. Before they kill it. So I'm off subject.
I went to the grocery, and I pick the line with the teenaged girl that rings up my red and yellow bell peppers the same price as the green ones, and lets me know, "These red ones are high! I'll just charge you for the green." So when I have bell peppers I like to go through her line.
Also, I really enjoy her comments.
Like this one, when she was scanning my bag of dog food,

"You sure do love your dog, huh?"

'I like them enough to feed them,'
I didn't say that.
but I thought it.
I think she's made the same comment about gum before, really just replace the 'dog' with 'gum'...and I think I had to admit, "Yes. Yes we do." We do enjoy some gum. But not those dessert flavors, which are disgusting. Mentos is good. And it is also the fresh maker. That means it makes your breath fresh. For those of you who didn't get that. And those of you too young to have seen the old commercials.
I watched a commercial the other day. I usually fast forward them, since I prerecord all the shows I watch. So this was a watching of a commercial that had been prerecorded.
It was the longest commercial I've ever seen. From Cartier- the one with the leopard running on top of the plane next to the giant elephant, then the gold dragon turns into the great wall of china and the leopard runs up that too- it was so long. And then at the end it just zooms in on this great leopard bracelet, heavy laden with gems.
"I want that!" I say.
"We may as well just get a baby leopard," Stevens says.
Commercials. Bah.

I'm starting to read again. i think it's going to improve my memory skills. In the two and half years since brain surgery, I hadn't been able to really read. I could read a page or so, get foggy and tired, then the next day, I really couldn't remember what i'd read. I spent over a year trying to read one book. "Put it down and try something else if it's no good!" my mother told me. This year I finish reading that book, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I went on to read The Member of the Wedding. I just finished Gap Creek.
Now I'm reading The Red Tent.
Reading is sort of like having a friend, and it keeps me occupied and keeps me company.
I think there are times when everyone thinks, 'What good am I?' and I have that too, more since the brain surgery that ever before. As far-stretched as it may sound, finishing a book feels like some sort of accomplishment for me. It feels like effort. It feels like i'm not standing in place, if that makes any sense.
And I keep finding myself scanning the book racks in the Goodwill store, piling several at a time in my buggy. I'm becoming a hoarder, really.
Not really. but i've got a couple dozen I haven't read yet. (I like to buy corell and spoons at the Goodwill stores too).

I really don't have much to talk about.
But I hope you have the greatest March and that every day is super cool for you.
She sang 'Splattery Splat Splat! Splattery SPLAT!' but it didn't happen.
And it won't.
be fearless and happy today
see ya later.

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