Friday, March 30, 2012

Kissing boo boos.

Yesterday Steven had a boo boo on his arm.
Really a microscopic little dot of a boo boo, but he had scratched at it so it was bleeding.
"Will you kiss it?" he says. Ha.
But I'm not really a fan of bloody boo boos, so I just ignored it.
But then riding in the car, I looked at his little scab on his arm.
"Awww," I said.
"You wouldn't kiss it earlier," he says,"but if I thought you would now, I would scratch it back open?" :P

Also last night I saw a car flipped on its side on fire on the interstate. It was dark, and no one had come yet; cars started slowing.
Shanna starts talking about possible injuries.
"They may need a tetanus shot in that car! They may need some bandages! Don't you think?"
"Yes, they'll have to get out the bandaids for that one."
"I bet they have amnesia!!" Steven says maybe they lost an ear. Then we are agreed that hopefully no one was hanging out. It was a bloody boo boo kind of drive home. Frightening.

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