Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hello spring :)

I'm sorry I've been away. It's no excuse but I forgot my password.
But I'm maybe approaching a breakthrough? Amidst my medical journey, I stumbled across something that may be my fix. This month, a new doctor, a new approach, and it may possibly be that the entire time I've been sick (yes, even the symptoms that led to my having brain surgery) it may have just been a thyroid problem.
Because I tested positive for anti-thyroid antibodies (meaning my body is attacking my thyroid) & I've had a weird neck thing going on for awhile, I went for a thyroid ultrasound this week. And it turns out that all the brain mess that has been plaguing me may not be due to having brain surgery, and will probably be corrected. Really.
I'm a wee bit thrilled. & I'm looking up plants again because I have this mad hope that I'll be able to dig and play and read and write again. And remember and be a social butterfly. Well, not so much a social butterfly, I've never been that. But maybe I'll make a friend or something.
I don't really have much news aside from that, which is my big news.
Oh- here's something.
My daughter was talking on the way home in the car,
"Today's Pie Day!"
"Pie Day?"
"Yeah, it's a math thing. They probably didn't have it when you were in school."
Pi Day. :P

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