Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Change is good! (for some...)

So we have workers in the house again. It's a bit frustrating...they're working on the bathroom, and we've been making jokes all week about the toilet being removed, and how if someone looks in the hole, and someone uses the other toilet, you can see their "waste" passing by. (True. Sad, but true.)
So the workers are within a foot or two from the john hole, and I feel like I need to piss. And I made sure to pee before they got here...so really it's like, "I need to piss because I'm trying not to have to." Hmmm. If you've stumbled here by accident and are in search of some sort of profound thought, you may be in the wrong place.
Our home is for sale. Again. Cross your fingers that we sell & find our way the next place. If it's meant to be, it'll turn out. In the meantime, realtors and workers will be joining me during the day. Great!
I feel like I should be doing something productive. Like folding or mopping. But not like watching the sundance documentary on the woman who wrote The Story of O.
I have a cold. My nose ran all night- I woke up this morning and it was completely clogged, crusted over like a sloppy kid. I lugged my heavy head out to take my kids to school, them telling me to hurry for the good breakfast. (The school has a hot breakfast line and a cold one, Early you get hot cinnamon rolls and the likes, late, you get corn flakes...)
On the way home the radio guy said the first case of West Nile in Georgia for the year had been reported in Atlanta. A man went in complaining of aches, fever, etc. Me too, I thought. It flashed through my mind that I, as well, have West Nile. Of course.
Then I came home and ate some cheerios. I watched a few minutes of a documentary til the guys came, then I turned the tv off so I looked less slobbish. I think I'm going to put my shoes on and run on the mill for a while. Maybe all the jarring will shake my brain of the fog I'm in.
Take care :)

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