Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm thinking of starting a second blog; one that sounds smart and important, maybe a blog about education or savvy foreign political undercurrents.  I will make myself out to be ever the intellect, never the ray of dorkshine that you see here.
Or maybe I'll create a new Facebook page for an elite group inclusive of only I and the most finite people can join.  Like, for example, People Allergic to Asparagus- that are also Left handed.  I think probably there would be too many with asparagus allergies to not include that second part.  But you, my one follower, can join...albeit you'll have to mind your utensil use and cough like a son of a bitch during the annual picnic.  Because the picnic will be loaded with Asparagus.  To prove you ain't lyin'.

What else.  I'm going to be surrendering my Blackberry with it's rotted off buttons soon, and so I'll be posting my random poetry before it goes; I have a Notes section and write when I'm in car rider lines and stuff.

Here's what you get today.  (It is an actual life event, completely true).

Soapy Ocean

Two unassuming teens watch from afar
Middle ages woman and small child
stop at candles.
Bamboo Flower candle.  Smell.
Pear Banana Cookie candle.  Smell.
Geritol Cherry Musk candle.  Smell.
Soapy Ocean candle.  Smell.
Teens eyes grow pale and in devilish
Smell Another!

Yep.  That really happened.  Although I think I did smell more than four candles.  I think I smelled all the candles.  That is all.

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