Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Curry Pot

After thinking that my husband was taking me to lunch today (he's not) & this was our designated place of preference, I clicked on their website. To my surprise, there were some reviews that I didn't agree with. I decided to write my own. Yup. It's that good.

The Curry Pot on Lee Highway is the stuff. We drive an hour one way to eat there, and they have some items that have scorched such a memory into my foodbrain that I just have a hard time eating other Indian food, always comparing. Within a 2-3 miles radius, there are 3 Indian Restaurants on this same highway, all with lunch buffets. I'd been to India Mahal, but it's not Curry Pot. Reading the fuss about Sitar, we decided to see. It wasn't the Curry Pot either.

This is where I discovered the subtle things that make the Curry Pot stand apart.

Mint Chutney.

I could drink this stuff. I could devour gallons. It's magically minty and thick, green and spicy at the same time. (Sitar's chutney had a watery texture and a sweet onion taste).

Rice Pudding. Yeah, you probably had rice pudding, and it seems nothing to write home about, right? WRONG. The Curry Pot's rice pudding has a very noticeable essence of rose water. (Yeah, that's right. I not only plant roses- I want to eat them too. For reals).

And I want dal, chickpeas, paneer, tandoori chicken, Curry Chicken, Chicken Makini(?) & all the other spicy veg that's on the buffet. Even if I don't eat them, I'm comforted by their familiar faces. (The two things I might add to this already perfect buffet would be the sweet carrot dish, and changing out one of the daily soups to Mulligatawny. Then, it would be more than perfect.)

The buffet is big, and cheap. I read complaints on the decor, and can say that I like it. It feels cosy & swell. I prefer booths to chairs. It's well lit. Strip mall? So what. You'd pay more for someone else's high rent, then get food that was less inviting. And the other places are dark. And dank.

Joe. Always smiling, the kindest guy ever, Joe. He knows my table & he knows how far I drive. This is my place, and my food.

I'm a big fan of the Idea of Energy and how it carries through, and I sincerely feel it's a tangible force here. It's a happy place full of comforting Curry.

It makes me joyful; and it makes me sad that I'm not going today. Instead, I'll be pouring a bowl of Koala Krispies dreaming of my Go To lunch spot. :P

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  1. The Curry Pot is one of the better places to eat here in my opinion. For Carrot Cake I like City Cafe. For an Asian buffet that new Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet is the best. I eat vegetarian some of the time, but I can't help but eat some tandoori chicken and fry bread and the orange chicken tiki masala (though the chicken pieces aren't the best parts of that dish). My favorite dishes at Curry Pot are the rice pudding, the saag paneer, the tandoori chicken, the orange chicken tiki curry, and the fry bread. I also happily eat the dark lentil dish, the garbanzo bean dish, and the dark soup (though I have to watch that one because it is pretty spicy...though I like spicy). At the end of every meal I eat a bowl of dark soup (fire) and then a bowl of rice pudding immediately after (cool and sweet). I absolutely love this place. It is a toss up between this place and Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet for my favorite in Chattanooga. Both are too cheap. I like Rafaels Pizza in Collegedale for pizza. A 3 cheese or margarite there is good stuff. No sauce. Just ricotta. I agree about the peaceful atmosphere and energy of The Curry Pot. I've felt that. You know sometimes they play soft religious music. Could be part of it huh?

  2. Hi! Sorry I missed this comment! I love the hot soup and the pudding too. Have you tried Rain Thai across the street? I love the penang curry there- another great Chattanooga gem. :)