Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Morning :)
What's it like where you are? I'm in an upstairs room, listening to the happy sounds of a little munchkin popping bubble wrap somewhere below. The desk is covered in random jiblets of paper, scrawlie ragged paper. A camera. An Albert Einstein mug one third full of this morning's old coffee. A Star Wars episode I mousepad.
Sometimes when I think of Albert Einstein
I think about this book I read as a child about him walking into another body,
alive again and jet-skiing. It was supposed to be true.
We took the Buick back for roach evacuation. & random little broken vents, light covers, knobs, etc. But mainly roach evacuation. It came back with roaches. Hmmm.
God, if this is the first time you ever read my blog...Not a good place to start. (I'd go back to maybe 2008 if I were you. Good times!)
But I think I may have to start painting again. I'm seeing a painting of a roach driving a beige Buick. Waving & Smiling. Maybe a roach baby strapped in a carseat in the back. Sucks.
But it will make for good memories years down the road when the Buick is a memory. & the roaches.
Incidentally, I still really like my new car, I'm just afraid of it. Sorta like inheriting a giant old antebellum home, "Woo Hoo!" then the chandelier starts shaking, you see bloody faces in a mirror, and they all say, "GET OUT!"
Ah. What else is new.
New Products?
Oh! If you own a cell phone (maybe some of you own a cell phone) you must have Pandora, which is this awesome free radio thing where you enter the name of an artist & it plays music that's similar and awesome and you end up discovered all this other music, then adding more stations, etc etc..
Anyway, So if you have a cell phone, and you have Pandora, there's this other thing you need to get. My husband just bought me a gadget that plugs into my phone, you set your car radio on the same station as the thing, and your Pandora plays through your car speakers. Twelve bucks at Walmart.
There is probably a name for this thing & some sort of technical stuff but who knows what it is. Let's run with the Einstein theme & have a 'redeeming quote' break-
Imagination is more important than knowledge. :)
But you should get the thing. Just don't try to skip songs while driving, that would be dangerous.

Ha, another thing I saw recently? Today I was watching T.V. and this commercial comes on for Vagisil Individually wrapped 'Freshday' Wipes. (Daytime television is notorious for feminine ads, but this one was interesting). Like the little wipes they give you at the wing place but with the word VAGISIL in large print across the top. Will they be successful? Probably not. But if the company had any sort of vision or sense of humor, they could have been. My suggestion to you, folks at Vagisil? (I am telling you, I'd be great in Marketing!) Take your big tacky name off the packets. I know, you are proud of it, but you can still put the name on the box. On the wipe packet? 'ASS-Wipes.' I believe 'ASS-Wipes' would sell. & it could be marketed to men as well.
It's a name that would bring joy, and they'd even be sharable at that point.
"Gosh Judy, I've been sitting on these bleachers for five hours in this heat, I feel like I've wet my pants from all this ass sweat!"
"Well, here, Gloria, have an ASS-Wipe!" (You gonna give Gloria a Vagisil packet? No. But ASS-wipes would come in handy in a variety of situations. Grandmothers would put them in Christmas stockings).
I guess I should be done with that subject.

I'm sorry if I'm occasionally gross. I wish I were more graceful. :)
much love, yt

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