Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wee Brain Bits

I had to shop for a swimsuit today,
and crammed into a tiny fitting room with two kids but only one chair.
Talk about chaos.
& Crying (Not me, but surely, it could've been).
Eight swimsuits, white 'Go to the Light' bright lighting, and me,
Squeezing into random swimsuits
Which is pretty dreadful.
I mean, well, first of all
I can't even try on a swimsuit without thinking
that someone at sometime
probably farted in it.
They were trying it on as well, squeezing their fleshy parts in
& let one go.
I guess it's my inner Woody Allen.
But it's probably true,
& it was probably not a loud one but one of those
Airy ones that only the ears of the blower can hear.
Which may make it worse.
Though now, reading this back,
it makes it sound as though I myself
farted in a swimsuit that I did not buy.
I did not. (Really!)
Ah, but someone probably did.

I have my book review coming up & some other exciting happenings.

Today I wonder why people didn't evolve with insect eyes
where there are many eyes all over the place.
Deep intriguing abalone disco ball eyes
laden with shifting prisms,
None of which any one person would know which to look into
Unless you told em.
Even just an extra one behind each ear.
It would definitely help with changing lanes while driving.

Also, today I'm thankful for celery with peanut butter
& sometimes with cream cheese,
but not real cream cheese- that lesser fat stuff- Neufchatel?

Have a sweet sweet day :)

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