Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long time no see!
I'm really sorry bout that, I've had a lot of catching up to do at home, and it's still not caught up. But I am still around somewhere, though not here too much. How's it going?
Me, I'm good. I've come out of the rough patch that was the summer of 09, and two months later, am in the 'looking forward to the winter of 09' stage.
We got our passports renewed! We're going on vacation. A real vacation, which includes a plane. The kids are beyond excited- they've never been on a plane, which is cool that we can do this. We talked about it for the past six or seven years, but never could go. This year, my husband booked our trip. We'll be spending Christmas on an island, and I may even hold back on the SPF a day or so, just to come back to the tundra with a wee bit of sun. :)
We needed to counter the stress with something happy, and I'm thrilled.
My transmission is going out on the jeep. It stalls out at red lights and stop signs so I have to crank it back up when the light turns green. I went on Autotrader looking up minivans, with the common white honda odyssey being the ideal, then going downhill from there. I found a Nissan Quest with not too many miles, and called about it. The trade in value on my jeep is $500!
My husband said he'd sooner but a brick on the gas and roll it off an cliff somewhere. (We won't). But then, while looking up used vans, I just glanced a wee bit at the Volvo XC90- what I would drive if I could just click my heels. "Why don't we just get that?" he says. He's sweet, and perhaps overly optimistic.
Dr. Oz was on this week, with his audience member assistant. Where is the triangle of death? he says. Turns out, it's your nose. Picking it is bad- he went on pretty convincingly, but I am too tired to elaborate. Already, I am aware I spend too much time in there, so I am going to do my best to cut back.
Dr. Oz. ha.
I've noticed little things since I've had surgery, and for those of you who read this that are about to have a craniotomy, I'll throw it in.
A few times a week I'd bump my teeth really hard with my coffee cup. Sometimes I just turn the cup before I get to my teeth and pour my drink on my shirt. I think this is common and no big deal, so if this happens to you just bring the cup to your face more slowly, or buy a mouthguard. I'm kidding about the mouthguard.
I'm a little dopier, but I'm trying. I haven't taken any kind of medication (including over the counter stuff like advil) since about two weeks after surgery, and I'm doing great!
I painted my toenails for the first time since I had surgery this week. Essie Rock the Croc Red.
Great color. (Essie makes awesome nail polish. It does not chip. Ever.)
Well, i just wanted to drop in. ;)

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