Friday, December 12, 2008

Chinese Takeout

It's nice when little things can make you smile. Today I went to this little ragged chinese takeout place to get some steamed dumplings to go. The wife, she was yelling at her husband, and he proceeded to get a ladder, while she was pointing at the ceiling, all in chinese.
I watched from my chair, all the while thinking how happy it made me to hear this woman scream in chinese. Just the banter back and forth, the difference between their language and mine. I accidentally caught the angry womans eye while she was yelling, and she blushed- as though she though for a moment I could understand her. How fun to be able to yell obscenities at work with no one to understand you. I don't know what it means, but Broom-broom was one of the words she was yelling. What does 'broom broom' mean?
It made me think of the time my mother dated the chinese pharmacist, and how we'd visit him at the drugstore. Then, I thought about the story she told every time she'd had too much wine.
Once, after going out with the chinese pharmacist, she was at his home and went to use the restroom. When she came out, there he was, sprawled naked, waiting for her. In her drunken French accent, she describes the event, scrunching her thumb and index finger close to try to give a visual of his endowment.
I wonder if it were his poorly endowed manhood that turned my mother off, or the fact that he would be so bold as to do something like that. They would have had beautiful children, I think; and the French and chinese accents in one home would have been strange but good to hear.
Like asian red walls and white lace curtains. I hope my mother doesn't read this.
I won a few used sweaters for Naomi this week on Ebay. As strange as this sounds, sometimes I'll bid $6.16 on an item, because then, after I bid, it asks the next person to bid $6.66. This of course, means nothing to me, but since many pentecostals don't want to have to pay $6.66 for something, I get the item for $6.16. Funny.
I have to go~ much love, kat

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